"Competitions are for horses, not artists"

Béla Bartók



7th of March - Masterclass from John O'Connor, Barness Hall, Tampa

9th of March / 7:30pm - 4-hands Concert, Barness Hall, Tampa

13th of March / 7pm - 4-hands Concert, FvV Hall, Utrecht

18th of March / 7pm - Violin and Piano Concert, FvV Hall, Utrecht

all cancelled due to COVID-19



5th of April / 12:30 - Lunchpauzeconcert, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

6th of June / 13:30 - Final Exam, Utrecht Conservatory

28th of June / 12:30 - EMIR Steyerbergprijs, TivoliVredenburg

10th of July / 18:00 - Concert hosted by Svetozar Ivanov, Russian Cultural Center, Prague

3rd of November / 17:00 - Art Gallery Concert, Utrecht

12th of November - Piano Student Concert, Tampa, USA  

14th of November - Violin Piano Duos, Tampa, USA

27th of November - Lunchconcert Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

You can book me for living room concerts,

send me an email to ask about the possibilities

©2019 by Veerle Winkelmolen. Pictures by Lieve Winkelmolen.

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